Championing Young Female Entrepreneurship

Most institutions do not teach what should be the centrepiece of a contemporary education: entrepreneurship.

The harsh reality is that the jobs our past generations relied upon are no longer available. Entrepreneurship fosters young women with the capacity to not only start companies but it also gets them to develop persistence, instills confidence and risk-taking, and gets them to think creatively and ambitiously.

 To tackle this problem we make educational programmes available to aspiring female entrepreneurs so they can develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. 

We provide opportunities for young women and girls to engage directly with inspirational and successful female role-models in enterprise from a diverse range of industries, and social and cultural backgrounds. 

Most importantly, we recognise that the only way to succeed at enterprise, is to DO enterprise. That's why we created the Brit Girls in Business Awards, a national competition to get girls to practice starting a business. 

Join us on our journey to inspire young women to create companies that will provide long-lasting employment for UK citizens.