We are dedicated to moving women leaders forward faster in their careers and our core practice areas support corporations in their efforts to develop their workforce. 


The aim of Advancing Women Leaders is to unlock the leadership potential of women in organizations in the UK thus driving women’s economic empowerment whilst also improving the performance and profitability of the organization itself. 

Our approach is always to partner with our clients to design programs and curricula to achieve key business outcomes while strengthening the performance level of the individuals involved. Advancing Women Leaders’ leadership development services can be rolled out company-wide or on an individual basis.

We provide ongoing education as well as one-time support to both men and women in corporations, offering wisdom and guidance via workshops, keynote speeches, coaching services, and consulting at all organisational levels.

Our Process:-

  • Assess current level of leadership effectiveness
  • Pinpoint high-leverage areas where change will make the most positive impact on targets
  • Partner with clients to apply leadership behaviours and practices for desired results
  • Develop individual, group, and systems strategies