Closing the Ethnicity Gender Pay Gap in the UK: what will it take?

28 September 2017  18:00 - 21:00 GMT+1 (BST) | Private event

Earlier this year, the Government stated that closing the gender pay gap is a policy priority; as part of the new regulations, thousands of employers will now be required to report their gender pay gaps by April 2018. But it is important to consider how that gender inequality is experienced by different ethnic groups to ensure that all women in Britain see their gender pay gap closed. A recent report by the Fawcett Society highlighted the challenges faced by women of different ethnic groups, especially those of African and Caribbean heritage. As we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Black History Month in the UK the FutureProof Foundation launches the Women of Worth campaign - social action to create social change.

On the 28th September, our panel of leading men and women will take to the stage and share with the audience their own insights and experiences as we ask them: 

Closing the Ethnicity Gender Pay Gap in the UK: what will it take?


In attendance on the day will be approximately 100 woman across all sectors, organisations and professions who have a shared interest in social change. 


The objective of this panel is to:

  • Identify the main issues and barriers affecting women of ethnic minority as economic actors;
  • Recognise good practices that can be replicated and scaled up to benefit others; and 
  • Inspire action for change by governments, businesses, and civil society

Highlights from the event will be shared with UN Women Empower Women's global community to direct change for women’s economic empowerment around the world.

The FutureProof Foundation is a non-profit organisation for the economic empowerment of women and girls in the United Kingdom. We take social action so that all women, regardless of race or social class, can fulfil their highest potential.  

Good Women is an open network by social change agency Koreo for women interested in social and environmental change. The network's ambition is to inspire and mobilise female talent to address some of the pressing complex issues we face today. 

UN Women - is UN Women's global platform dedicated to empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors to build stronger economies, achieve internationally agreed goals for women to achieve their full economic potential.

Impact Hub is a global network of spaces designed to enable people with enterprising ideas to drive social and environmental value in the world.





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