Achieving success as a female entrepreneur in the UK: what does it take?

16 November 2016  12:30 - 15:30 GMT+1 (BST) | Private event

To inspire the UK’s next generation of female entrepreneurial talent we have organised a unique women's entrepreneurship day event which also marks the official launch of The FutureProof Foundation, to provide an opportunity for aspiring female entrepreneurs in the City of Westminster to meet and learn from Britain's brightest and most successful young businesswomen.   

Seven leading millennial businesswomen will take part in a discussion and share with the audience their own insights and experiences as we ask them: 

In your experience, what does it take to achieve success as a female entrepreneur in the UK?

Special Guest Speaker:

Ella Woodward - Founder, Deliciously Ella and Mae Deli 

Our Panel Speakers:

Angelica Malin – Founder, About Time Magazine

Chelsy Davy  – Founder, AYA Jewellery (TBC)

Hannah Witton – Founder, Hannah Witton

Roshni Assomull and Shaleena Chanrai  – Co-Founders, Bella Kinesis


Amber Atherton - Founder, Whalar


In attendance on the day will be 80 aspiring female entrepreneurs aged 16-24.

Highlights from the event will be shared with UN Women Empower Women's global community to direct change for women’s economic empowerment around thew world.


The objective of this panel is to:

  • Identify and discuss through own experiences, the issues affecting young female entrepreneurs succeeding in the UK
  • Sharing of good practices that can be replicated by others in order to become a successful female entrepreneur
  • Inspire the next generation of aspiring female entrepreneurs by raising an awareness and understanding of the benefits of entrepreneurship for women's economic empowerment.  

In your experience, what does it take to achieve success as a female entrepreneur in the UK?

Ahead of the event, we also encourage you to answer this important question and share your thoughts to us at:

@FutureProofFdn @Empower_Women @CityWestminster


80 Haymarket, London Westminster SW1Y 4TE