Closing the Gender and Ethnicity Gender Pay Gap: what will it take?


About us

Founded out of Cambridge University Judge Business School our leadership consultancy coaches and develops the leaders of some of the worlds largest companies with the aim of helping to close the gender and ethnicity gender pay gap. 

Our mission is to transform permanent and temporary staffing across UK hospitals, enabling them to maintain safe levels of staffing while saving money currently paid to exploitative medical recruitment agencies.

The NHS spends around £3 billion a year on medical and nursing staff with at least £600 million+ of that on agency commission fees alone. Having experienced staff shortage consequences from the receiving side and after interviewing many doctors and nurses, we understand the patient safety challenges posed by persistent understaffing. There is a better way and we believe we have part of the solution to the problem.

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The FutureProof Foundatio traces its origins to 2006 where as a grassroots movement for gender equality and social change it worked to remove the barriers to employability for hundreds of women. We are proud of our imapact transforming the lives of women and girls throughout the United Kingdom. You can read about our work and what  our Supporters say, our Awards & Honours, and Testimonials from women we have helped. 

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